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When it comes to powering your spa, you want to rely on equipment that promises durability and efficiency.

Here at Advantage Manufacturing, we provide top-of-the-line spa pumps designed with precision.

Unmatched Quality and Reliability

We understand the importance of having a spa pump that you can depend on, which is why we put our products through rigorous testing.

Our 56 frame spa pump, a favorite among our customers, boasts a robust construction and a powerful motor so that your spa is operational whenever you need it.

Working Efficiency Like No Other

With high-performance capabilities, our spa pumps ensure that your spa operates smoothly, providing a consistent flow of water.

This enhances the overall spa experience and contributes to the longevity of your spa equipment.

Why Choose Advantage Manufacturing?

Our commitment to quality is evident in every product we offer. Here, you invest in commercial spa equipment that is built to last.

With our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can rest assured that you are making the right choice for your spa needs.

Experience the Advantage Manufacturing difference today. Your spa deserves the best, and so do you.

FAQs on Spa Pumps

What makes the 56 frame spa pump different from other models?

The 56 frame spa pump is renowned for its sturdy construction and powerful performance, making it a preferred choice for those looking for reliability and efficiency.

How do I know if a spa pump from Advantage Manufacturing is the right choice for me?

Our team is always ready to assist you in making an informed decision. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can guide you to the perfect spa pump that suits your needs.

Are the spa pumps easy to install?

Yes, our spa pumps are designed for easy installation, ensuring that you can get your spa up and running in no time.

What kind of maintenance do the spa pumps require?

We recommend checking the pump regularly for any signs of wear and tear and ensuring that all components are functioning properly.

Do you offer a warranty on your spa pumps?

We stand behind the quality of our products, which is why we offer a comprehensive warranty on our spa pumps. For more details, feel free to reach out to our customer service team.

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56 Frame Spa Pumps


This Waterway replacement side discharge spa pump is reliable and a great value.


  • Wet end designed specifically for 56-frame motors
  • Large 2" intake for improved flow performance and reduced noise available.
  • Large 81/2" diameter wet end for high head pressure
  • Thermally protected to extend life expectancy of monitor
  • Highly versatile wet end can be rotated every 90 degrees
  • One year warranty

56WUA400-ii WUA400-ii LX Spa Pump 2-speed, 60Hz 230V, 12.0/3.5A 56Fr 6.5" diam. 2" SD/CS, Energy-Rite WUA400-ii, a nice replacement for AQUA-FLO XP2e 05334012-2040 and 0534009-5040 and for Waterway EX2 3721621-1W 56 frame pumps.

These are sometimes stickered as 4HP and sometimes as 6HP, depending on the hot tub maker's request, but they are identical, both are 12 amps 230 volts, same performance no matter what sticker they apply.

Threads measure 3.1" outside diameter. 56WUA400-ll, WUA400, WUA400-ii, used by Cal Spas, Sundance Spas and Jacuzzi Spas, PUM6BHP, PUM22901106, 0982601-03, PUM22000951, PUM6BHP-56F2S240V. A nice replacement for old Power Right PRC-505 pumps and others.

Determine Pump Plumbing Size

Plumbing size is very important, but a lot of people get it wrong and end up ordering the wrong pump. Most spa pumps use either 1.5" or 2" plumbing fittings, and a few have 2.5" intake suction. These are pipe call-out sizes, not fitting measurements.

With the pump unions removed, measurement is simple. The easy way to get it right for most* pump brands is by measuring the overall outside diameter (0.D.) of the pump's threads:

1.5" Pump thread measures approx. 2-3/8" O.D.

2.0" Pump thread measures approx. 3" 0.D.

2.5" Pump (intake) thread measures approx.3-5/8" 0.D.

*Most pumps normally have a 2.0" discharge thread fitting, which measures about 3"O.D. Some brands of pumps (such as Hayward, Jacuzzi, and Sta-Rite) use non-standard fittings with different dimensions. Please contact our Parts Technical Help for assistance with these if in doubt.

Pump wet ends can be rotated in 90* increments. Loosen the pump's four through bolts from the back of the motor and pull them back enough to disengage. Then rotate the wet end to the desired position, realign and re-tighten the bolts.