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(Pump repair Program Revitalize Your old pump)
Our Evolution Series pumps are 100% serviceable/rebuildable

Our new pump repair program will BREATHE NEW LIFE IN TO YOUR OLD PUMP! it is a great way to get your pump running like new again. If your pump is not working or just needs a tune up after years of use. This Program is for you. You may think you old pump needs to be replaced but the fact is that in most cases you don't, we can repair your old pump for a fraction of the cost of a new pump. It is also a great option if you just want to have a backup pump, and not spend a lot of money on it. It does not matter if it is one of our Evolution Series pumps or some other brand, we can Breathe new life into it on most brands of pumps such as Sequence, Performance pro, Little Giant, Hayward and many more. In most cases we can fix it and Breathe new life into your old not working or leaking pump and make it run like new again in most cases. The average prices for this process is only $130.00 to $190.00 including return shipping back to you on most pumps.

This repair program is Risk free. If we cannot repair your pump you will pay us nothing! And we will give you $100 towards one of our new pumps.


  • ES Evolution Series pumps = $130.00
  • ESS Evolution Series pumps =$170.00
  • ESHH Evolution Series pumps =$150.00
  • ESBB Evolution Series pumps =$190.00 DOES NOT include shipping
  • If you are sending in a pump that is not an Evolution Series pump you may want to send an Email with pictures of the pump and any info you may have about it to Jeff@advantageman.com to get a estimate

What repairs will be performed

  • Pump will go thru a complete diagnostic test/inspection to evaluate if it is repairable
  • Pump will be cleaned if repairable
  • Windings will be tested for shorts and defects then new insulation is applied to the winding to ensure motor is safe to run
  • Inspection of all internal parts
  • Motor bearing will be replaced
  • Pump shaft seals will be replaced
  • All O-ring will be replaced
  • Pump will be water and performance tested
  • Pump will be returned to you with a 6 month warranty
  • You will not be charged until your pump is shipped

prices do not include non-wear parts such as impeller, diffuser, fan cover, power cord or shipping damage

Once pump is received you will receive a phone call and/or email for authorization for repairs with pricing before any repairs are preformed customer is responsible for shipping to us

Pump are usually shipped back with 7 days or less of receipt

Customer MUST CALL 800 636-8866 FOR REPAIR Number before shipping pump to us