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Pond Pumps

Essential Circulation for Your Pond

We think of a pond pump as the heart of your pond's ecosystem. Our range of pond pumps, including submersible and external options, provide the life-giving circulation necessary for healthy aquatic life and plants.

Selecting the Right Pond Water Pump

Understanding Pump Requirements

To keep your pond water clean and adequately aerated, the water should circulate through the filter at least once every two hours. This means for a 1,000-gallon pond, a pump rated for a minimum of 500 gallons per hour (GPH) is required. With fish, doubling the capacity is recommended for optimal water conditions.

Key Considerations for Pump Sizing

Calculate both the vertical lift and the horizontal distance the water will travel through tubing to ensure you select a pump capable of overcoming these forces.

Average water movement for waterfalls is about 1,500 GPH per foot of width. Adjust the flow rate based on your desired water flow appearance, considering heavier flows may require more GPH per foot.

Pro Tip: It's best to choose a pump with a flow rate slightly above your calculated needs to allow for flow adjustments without overexerting the pump.

Featured Products

High-Pressure External Pond Pumps: Engineered for ponds requiring higher water displacement and long-distance water travel.

Low Pressure External Primer Pond Pumps: Ideal for ponds with a gentle water flow, ensuring energy-efficient operation.

Variable Speed External Pond Pumps: Customize your pond's water flow according to different needs and conditions.

Submersible Pond Pumps: Perfect for underwater applications, offering quiet operation and easy installation.

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Q: How do I choose between a submersible and an external pond pump?

A: Submersible pond pumps are quieter and easier to install, while external pumps are more accessible for maintenance and can be more energy-efficient for larger ponds.

Q: Can the size of my pond's waterfall affect the type of pump I need?

A: Absolutely. Larger and higher waterfalls require pumps with higher GPH ratings and the ability to handle increased head pressure.

Q: Is it beneficial to get a variable speed pond pump?

A: Yes, variable speed pumps offer flexibility, allowing you to adjust the flow rate as needed, which can be energy efficient and adapt to different pond requirements.

Q: What is 'head pressure' and how does it affect my pump choice?

A: Head pressure is the combination of vertical lift and the resistance from the length and diameter of tubing. Choose a pump that can overcome this pressure to maintain the desired flow rate.

Q: How often should the pond water be circulated?

A: Ideally, the pond water should be circulated at least once every two hours to maintain water quality and clarity.

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6-Way Test Kit with Testing Block and Case for Swimming Pools and Spas

6-way test kits are color coded for use of the reagents and hardness as well the tester block to hold the water. Built-in color on front. Deluxe square test block features easy-read fill indicators. Test reagents include. Chlorine/Bromine 22ml/0.74 oz. pH phenol red 22ml/0.74 oz. Acid demand 22ml/0.74oz. (1) of each Total Alkalinity ALK-10 ALK-20 ALK-30 22ml/0.74 oz. (1) of each Total Hardness solution A & B 22ml/0.74 oz.

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